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Task Helpers

Find recommendations on products to help your child when they need to stay on task.

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Bath Time!

Wall water slide interactive bath toy for kids

Wall Water Slide Toy Track


When our son was younger, we had a hard time trying to keep him in the bath. The standard bath toys we found didn't work for him. He needed bath toys that he could interact with. When we introduced toys that would stick to the wall of the tub and create a slide for other bath toys to go down, it was a game changer. Our son enjoyed his water slide bath toy so much that we would also use it around the house on walls, windows, and doors and he would use marbles to play with it outside the bath. 


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Brushing Teeth

Teeth cleaning station with less distractions for kids

TOSHISON Bathroom Counter Stand Sink Organizer


One of the tasks that our son has struggled with every day is brushing his teeth. At first, we just had everything in the bathroom ready for him to use. We found that he would get distracted by untwisting caps, opening zipper-seal bags and running water. We created a teeth-cleaning station that removed as many distractions as we could. We got a bathroom counter sink organizer, a refillable soap dispenser and floss sticks. In one of the back cubbies, we had his toothpaste and toothbrush. In the front left cubby, we placed a refillable soap dispenser. but we filled it with mouthwash. The cubby next to the mouthwash, we filled with floss sticks. The small right cubby in the front is where we placed a measuring cup from a liquid Tylenol for his mouthwash. The remaining cubbies were utilized for Mom and Dad. After we set this up for our son we noticed that he could complete the task of brushing his teeth in a timely fashion without frequent reminders. 


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Floor Sensory Tiles

sensory floor tiles as a task tool for kids with sensory needs

Floor Sensory Tiles


These floor sensory tiles are fantastic! Each tile has an anti-slip backing and can be placed close together as a mat. We found that they have come in handy at a bathroom or kitchen sink. They are filled with colored liquid and when you step on them the liquid moves around and makes colorful designs. This has helped our son focus while he is brushing his teeth or helping with washing dishes while supporting his visual and fidgeting sensory needs.

Magnetic Chore Chart

Magnetic chaores as a task tool for kids

Magnetic Chore Chart


We tried different types of chore charts to set up our son for success in completing tasks around the house. We try chore charts that had moving pieces, stickers and a color-in task completion list. We found with these types of chore charts the pieces went missing, the stickers were used for other things and our son would forget to color in when he completed a task. We found a more simplified chore chart that's magnetic with dry eraser markers. It also has a column for a point system to earn points towards an allowance, a toy he wanted to purchase or a family activity he wanted to do. By simplifying his chore expectations, he can complete his chores/tasks while still reaching the goals he has set for himself.

Liquid Motion Timer

Liquid motion timer as a task tool for kids with sensory needs

Liquid Motion Timer


We tried several timers to help our son stay on track with tasks such as brushing his teeth and completing chores around the house. We found that using a countdown timer or a timer that had a ticking sound was distracting. Our son would focus on the number countdown or the sound instead of the task needing completion. The liquid motion timer allowed him to focus on the task and complete the task without being distracted. We also use it as a fidget toy around the house too.

Toy Storage Bean Bag 

Stuffed Animal Bean Bag as a claning room task tool for kids

KOLACEN Stuffed Animal Toy Storage Bean Bags 


Do you ever wonder what you can do with all the stuffed animals taking over your child's bedroom? We found a very useful product that can turn all of those stuffed animals into a soft velvet cozy spot for your child. It's a bean bag chair that you fill with stuffed animals. It's a fairly large size and you can fit a decent amount in it. Our son really enjoyed this product and it also helped with keeping his room tidy.



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