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Fidget Toys

Find recommendations on products to help your child when they need to keep their hands busy.

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Sensory Fidget Toys

32 fidget toy gift pack for kids with sensory needs

32 Pack Sensory Fidget Toys


We would highly recommend before buying any individual fidget toys, purchase an assortment first. We did purchase some fidget toys individually and we found our son was only drawn to certain ones. Buying a goodie box with a wide range of fidget toys allowed our son to try each type and see which ones he preferred. Another thing that we found very useful in buying a goodie box was that the fidget toys are all pocket-sized.  We had a few small travel toiletry bags around the house. We would place a few different fidget toys in one of them to have on hand when we were out grocery shopping, at a restaurant or even at a movie theater. This would allow us to have a sensory kit on hand when needed.

Stretch It!

Fidget Noodles as a stretchy fidget toy for kids

Stretchy String Fidget Noodle Toy


When our son is feeling anxious, upset or angry, he is drawn to sensory fidget toys that stretch. The stretchy string noodle fidget toys are amazing. When our son uses them they help him to self-regulate to become more relaxed and calm. He enjoys being able to pull and stretch them, tie them in knots and sometimes he likes to braid them. They are also the perfect size for a travel-sized sensory kit.

Squeeze It!

Mesh squishy stress ball as a fidget toy for kids

Mesh Squishy Balls


When are son is feeling overwhelmed or unsure, he likes to fidget with anything that he can squeeze.  Our son prefers his squeeze fidget toys to have a mesh net with a gel-like filling. The visual sense of watching the gel go through the net, he finds very satisfying and it helps him to  relax and become calmer. These mesh-squeezing sensory fidget toys are the perfect size to leave in the car for those long car rides, in a backpack or in a travel-sized sensory kit.

Pop It!

pop it fidget toy pack for kids with sensory needs

Avalon Push Pop Simple Dimple Fidget Pack


When our son was younger he was obsessed with bubble wrap. We found many​ options for push pop fidget toys and came across an assortment box. It had a few different options for push pop fidget toys. There were a couple of mats, and a handheld toy with keychains too. The 2 push pop fidget toy that was a keychain was handy to attach to her son's jacket zipper to make a fidget toy readily available for him at any time.

Infinity Cube

Infinity Cube as a fidget toy for kids with sensory needs

Infinity Cube Fidget Toy


When our son needs a little more help with focusing, the infinity cube fidget toy has come in handy. The folding and flipping helped improve his focus while he's trying to complete his homework, eating at the dinner table or when he's in brainstorming mode. As a parent, the main thing that I can appreciate about this fidget toy is that it doesn't make noise.

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