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Calming Helpers

Find recommendations on products to help your child when they are feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or frustrated.

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Weighted Blankets

Sensory weighted lap pad for kids

Sensory Weighted Lap Pad for Kids


When it comes to weighted blankets versus weighted lap pads, we found it depends on the situation. Lap pads are more versatile and are easier to travel with than a blanket. The nice thing about this weighted lap pad is that the cover is washer safe, has two different soft textures on either side and comes with a carrying bag. It's perfect for long car rides, family gatherings, restaurants and movie theaters. Weighted blankets are fantastic at home. With them being a larger size, it makes them easier to sleep with and to fully cover your child with comfort. 


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Wiggle Seat

 Wiggle cushion as a sensory tool for kids that fidget while sitting

Stability Wobble Cushion


Our son finds it difficult to sit or stand still. Especially at meal times. Having a wiggle cushion as a sensory tool has been beneficial. It's perfect for sitting and standing. The soft dots give sensory comfort to allow him to sit still for longer durations. It's also come in handy on his desk chair for homework.  It's also great to take a long to family gatherings, restaurants and movie theaters. 


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Sensory Swing

Sensory swing as a sensory tool for a comfort/cozy/calming spot for a child

Harkla Sensory Swing for Kids


Our son prefers to have multiple comfort spots within our house. One of his favorite comfort spots is his sensory swing.  When our son is feeling like he needs some alone time and wants the comfort of somebody hugging him without physically being touched, his sensory swing is the place he likes to hang out. Not only does it give him the comfort of a big hug but the swinging motion helps him to self-regulate. As a parent, what I appreciated was, it came with all the hardware that you need to be able to hang it.

Crash Pad

Crash pad as a soft play area for jumping/reading/relaxing for kids

Foamma Crash Pad


While we were setting up our son’s bedroom to be more versatile to his ADHD sensory needs, we discovered that our son preferred to have a few different types of sitting areas. We purchased a crash pad that could be a huge bean bag or a soft play area for jumping. It comes with a cover that can be removed and is washable that is water-resistant for easy care. Our son enjoyed this addition to his bedroom as a cozy spot for reading and relaxing. 



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LED Light Strips

LED Light Strip for a sensory bedroom/classroom for kids

LED Light Strips


When it was time for bed, we noticed that our son was having a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep. So we asked him why? He said he was having a hard time falling asleep because his night light was distracting and he would just stare at it instead of going to sleep. He had a standard night light that would plug into the wall with an on-and-off switch. We purchased some LED light strips and placed them along the top of his wall. This allowed for a dim light to be distributed evenly across his bedroom for a calming atmosphere..The LED light strips also came with a remote and were easy to install. Now every night before bed he chooses what color he wants to fall asleep to, falls asleep with ease and can stay asleep throughout the night.


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