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Find recommendations on books that make learning and reading fun.

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Kids Yoga

yoga cards for kids

Kids Yoga Challenge Pose Cards


Yoga cards were extremely beneficial for our son. It allowed him to learn how to self-regulate independently. When our son is feeling overwhelmed, upset or if he had a mix of emotions, he goes for the yoga cards. His favorite thing is selecting the yoga positions that he knows and enjoys, putting them in a sequence that suits his sensory needs. After he has completed his yoga session, he is more relaxed, calm and happy. We also use them as a family and love taking them on camping trips.


litening to my body book for learning self-regulating methods

Listening To My Body


Our son enjoys reading. Trying to help support our son by teaching him self-regulation methods for his ADHD was challenging. It was nice to have a book that our son could utilize to learn self-regulating methods on his own. Our son appreciated that the book was interactive and had easy-to-follow instructions. It also helps build his confidence each time he was successfully able to self-regulate.

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