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As a parent do you ever feel that some days are like you're frolicking in a valley of flowers of creativity and some days feel like it's an uphill climb along the edge of a treacherous Mountain?


My name is Shantel and I am a mother with an amazing son who has ADHD. Over the years we have definitely had our share of good and bad days. Trying to find methods and products to help support our son on those tough days, we found there was a lot of “trial and error” before we could find anything that worked. I have created this blog based on our experiences raising our son with ADHD and the wonderful methods and products we found to help our son and that have become a part of our everyday life. With the hope that we can help you narrow down that “trial and error” period to find methods and products to support your child.


The first successful method that we tried and still use to this day is where I would like to start. Our son was around the age of 3 when every once in a while we would notice that he would freeze like a statue, have a blank face and look like he was staring off into space. In our household, we call this “Ctrl + Alt + Delete”. When our son would have one of these moments, I would get down to his level, put his hands in mine, and have my thumbs on the top of his hands moving in different circular directions. We had to try a few phrases before we landed on the one that worked best for him. The phrase was “Watcha doing?” in a calm and uplifting tone. As soon as he made eye contact, hold on for the ride of your life because he was about to tell me the most amazing story I had ever heard in my whole entire life. Then there are other times when he would just squeak at me, smile, start to giggle, and carry on with his day. We still use this method with our son when he is feeling overwhelmed and ends up freezing like a statue.

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